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Wayuu Tassen

  • Wayuu Mochila Baby Pink


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    Wayuu Tassen

    Wayuu Mochila Baby Pink

    Beautiful handmade Wayuu Mochila bag.They are 100% hand knitted by the indigenous communities of the Colombian Guajira. which live from this beautiful work. Handmade in colombia with love! Mochilas are lovely bags with colorful prints with a shoulder strap in traditional geometrical figures that symbolize elements from nature (animals, plants, stars, animal prints, etc.) that surround the Wayuu life. Size shoulderbag: height 29 cm, width 34 cm, diameter bottom 22 cm, length shoulderstrap arount 100 cm. Color: Pink Color shoulderstrap and braided tassels: pink, purple, turquoise, yellow and orange.

Unique handmade bags

Mochila shoulder bags are typical Colombian bags, colorful and handmade by the women of the Wayuu tribe. Each design is unique in its colors, patterns and shape or form. 100% hand made.