Almost all items we sell are in stock for immediate delivery. On the product pages is specified if certain items are temporarily out of stock. Should you nevertheless order an item that is not in stock, then we will contact you as soon as possible (within 24 hours on working days) to notify you of the expected delivery time. If you think the indicated delivery time takes too long, then you can always cancel or change the order.


Shipping depends on the chosen payment method. When you pay the order by any online payment method, shipping takes place within 24 hours on working days, provided that the ordered items are in stock. See above.

When you pay the order by bank transfer, shipping takes place as soon as we have received your banktransfer. It is wise to wait with your banktransfer until you have received notice through e-mail, that the ordered items are in stock. You will receive this e-mail within 24 hours (on working days) after the order has been placed.


Click here for an elaborate description of these payment methods.


The delivery time depends on the destination country. Following list gives an indication of the delivery times for the several European countries:


Bulgaria  4-7 working days                   
Cyprus 5-7 working days         
Denmark 2-3 working days     
Germany 2 working days     
Estonia 4-6 working days   
Finland 3-4 working days     
France 2-3 working days   
Greece 5-7 working days       
Hungary 3-5 working days         
Ireland 2-4 working days     
Italy 3-5 working days        
Latvia 4-6 working days         
Lithuania 4-6 working days        
Luxembourg 2 working days        
Malta 5-7 working days        
Austria 2-4 working days       
Poland 3-5 working days         
Portugal 4-6 working days        
Romania 4-7 working days       
Slovenia 4-5 working days   
Slovakia 3-5 working days     
Spain 3-5 working days       
Czech Republic 3-5 working days          
United Kingdom 3-4 working days        
Sweden 2-4 working days       
Vatican City State 5-7 working days   
Switzerland 2-3 working days        
San Marino 5-7 working days   
Andorra 3-4 working days       
Norway 3-4 working days     
Monaco 2-3 working days       
Liechtenstein                  3-4 working days      































Please note: for delivery to non-EU countries such as Switzerland and the United Kingdom, import duties and other customs charges may be charged by the country in question.

All orders are shipped EPS Express or priority registered mail by PostNL. You will receive a tracking number by mail after your order has been shipped. You can track your order with this number on the Track & Trace page of PostNL

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